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"Hi neighbors! My name is Jordyn and I’m 11 years old. The holiday season is here and we will be getting out of school for winter break soon. Unfortunately, I know that for a lot of families that means struggling to feed their children healthy meals because for so many kids school breakfast and lunch is the only time they have access to healthy meals. More than 203,000 students in Clark County schools are enrolled in free or reduced meal programs and so many of those students go hungry when school is out.

I’m partnering with Three Square to try and end holiday hunger over this winter break. Even the smallest donation can make a difference, just 1 dollar can provide 6 meals for kid for a day and just 10 dollars can provide them with 30 meals!!

Thank you so much for your donation, lets work together to end childhood holiday hunger!"

Total Food Drive Donations = 0.0 $20,000.00

GOAL: $20,000.00

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