Escobedo MS Honor Society Food Drive - Monthly

EscobedoThe Escobedo MS Honor Society, in conjunction with Three Square Food Bank, would like to help provide wholesome food to hungry people in Clark County. Our members know that the recipients of this food drive may be their classmates, neighbors and community members. This virtual food drive is a simple and secure way for you to donate. Won't you consider making a donation of any amount this Thanksgiving season? Every $1.00 provides three meals to those in need. First hour classes will be competing to see which class can raise the most money over the course of the week. The winning class will get a pancake bar breakfast as a reward for helping feed others. Thank you for considering your donation. The more than 137,000 hungry people that Three Square serves will be even more thankful!

Total Food Drive Donations = 0.0 $10,000.00

GOAL: $10,000.00

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